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71 yards of lace!!!

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71 yards of lace!!!

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Today I spent SOOOOOOOOO much money!
QUICK! HURRY! go to Jo Ann's in their dollar isle they have two cute cupcake lip glosses for a dollar.
Great for rings I SAY! Also they are now (FINALLY after months of wishing) sell cheap
buy by the spool lace with 5', 7', and 10' length each for $2.50!!! Needless to say I got 7 spools= 71' of lace!!
They have many kinds and lengths there, some up to 5" wide! The wider ones came in 5' and the thinner (half inch of a bit smaller) came in 10'. I spent only $17.50! SO HAPPY! They aren't  terrible quality it looks the same as the much more expensive stuff but more stiffer. The colors they had when I was there were mostly white and cream colored, I wish they had Black!

I have almost all the things loli's are know the own, dresses, parasols, 3-D nails, face decals, headresses, and jewelry, but socks and shoes have been really hard to find. I don't like to spend much money and ordering shoes online is a pain because my feet are never known to fit my size. 
But today I found it! MY IDEAL LOLITA SOCKS!!! And at Clair's too. they're  black with white fake printed lace crossing all the way up! they were $8.50. I also found a silver crown ring with fake diamonds and adjustable strap there for $9. All the stuff was there because of Tim Burtan's new alice in wonderland movie. I usually hate Clair's but this time there selection was way better then Hot Topics. Weird.
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